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We are an independent documentary production studio based in East London. We work collaboratively with a range of award winning directors and producers, clients and commissioners to create engaging and intentional narrative content on projects large and small for film, broadcast and online. We embrace openness and a human centred approach to all our work, and we value integrity and the respect for the diverse voices we engage with as our core guiding principles. It's always a huge privilege to hear people's stories and an even greater one to be trusted to tell them. We care passionately about the way the world is shaping up, and now, more than ever, there seem to be countless new ways to connect with others and engage. There are new partnerships and collaborations to be explored, and with that in mind, we have a few different projects to cover some of the angles that we hope can inspire and challenge a few new and important conversations. Thisbecomesthat is our umbrella innovations vehicle and is a good starting place to find out more about what we are up to. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy a brief look at some of our work and hope you'll keep in touch or better still get involved. We'd love to hear from you. Thanks so much.


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