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The world is changing fast and there seems to be a million different ways for each of us to play our part and help change it for the better. At Thisbecomesthat, we are dedicated to turning innovative ideas, thoughts, feelings and intuitions, big or small, into meaningful action for good. Think of us a little bit like a socially responsible think tank that does. Sometimes good ideas require a little bit of inspiration, sometimes they are self evident and staring us right in the face. Either way its our ambition to find new ways to engage and communicate their genius. We are all about sparking new ideas and helping to shape them into new realities. If the future is going to be in anyone's hands then we want our finger prints to be all over it. Hopefully you'll feel the same way and want to join us. Initially we want to throw a few pebbles into the pond and see where the ripples take us. For now the pebbles look like this.

Someonenotme explores our virtual identity, how we create a vision of ourselves in the modern world and how that process inevitably affects how others see us. As technology evolves faster than we can, the influence of our genes is being rapidly outpaced by the influence and legacy of our memes. Our external self expands and our actual self is gradually being coded, modified and replaced with a technologised other. For better or for worse it's a fact of life, so understanding it a little better seems the least we should be doing.


Everything is data and sometimes simple facts can speak louder than opinions or rhetoric. Born from a passion for facts and figures, the big and little data that can sometimes define us, thefactsoflife focuses on just the facts. Let them speak for themselves is kind of our motto here. We are looking at the world of info graphics, where statistics meets art. Two powerful forms of communication, in their own right, seemingly at odds but when combined elegantly have the power to truly shock, amaze and engage us to want to know more.


A lot can happen in eight hours. Regardless of whether we are sleepng or wide awake the world keeps turning. Sometimes we are blissfully unconscious, sometimes just blissfully unaware. But what kind of things are happening out there, when we are heads down and just too busy with our own stuff to take a look around and see what else is going on. Whileyouweresleeping fills in the gaps and hopes to open up a few windows to give us a better view of the world. 


You, me and empathy. Andyouandi explores the links between the "me and we" and the gaps between the "us and them". Its our window into how we connect, with what and with whom. It maybe about personal politics, architecture, how green we feel like being that day or what colour we paint our house, personal likes and dislikes dominate our vision of ourselves and those around us. Whether we like it or not, we make choices everyday and those choices eventually affect everyone.


Geography matters and where you are born in the world still decides how long you'll live and your life chances. Thankfully things are changing. GPS technology is giving us a new way to see the world and our place in it. Youarehere explores the how augmented reality and GPS technology can radically alter our world view. As Google remap the world in 3D space, what we see around us, and how we connect to it, is becoming an ever more complex and exciting proposition. Geolocation, driverless cars, maps maps and more maps. The possibilities are endless. The trick is not to get lost. Hopefully we can help.


We passionately believe that access to information, knowledge and insight should be universal. Oneaddone is our window on the revolution in education in all its forms and the future of e-learning. As technology and the internet provide us with the 24/7, anytime anywhere, access to a pandoras box of global information there has never been a more egalitarian opportunity to learn. Whether through youtube or a MOOC we are looking forward to the day when learning becomes the new leisure.

If you want to find out how you can connect with inspiring ideas and help turn them into meaningful actions for good, we'd love to hear from you. Let's engage and communicate their genius together, and help make a difference. We promise it'll be fun.
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